During my first year of trading and following the decision to ‘go it alone’, I clearly remember the first Easter holidays and my word was it worryingly quiet!!  The phone was not ringing, candidates were not applying for jobs, jobs were not becoming live, minimal interviews were taking place and it felt like every client contact was on holiday.

It is however very normal for perm recruiters to be quiet during school holidays and festive periods but I was not familiar with just how quiet it was, having previously worked in the temp sector as well as perm. I even checked my social media, making sure there were no negative comments/blogs being posted that were having a detrimental impact on my brand and business………. of course, there were none, but I was so worried.

This Easter is no different. It is very quiet but due to the hard work of myself and Emma during the first quarter of this year the financial position of my business is a lot different in comparison to previous years. This April, we have placed the greatest number of candidates in any one month since I launched the business in July 2016 and we have placed more already for this May in comparison to previous years.

So as my business grows, pipeline improves and the Trapeze brand achieves more traction I can start to enjoy the quieter times and not panic. I cannot change or influence the fact that school holidays and Easter is going to happen and be quiet but what I can do is;

  • Increase the sales activity
  • Work on the business instead of in the business
  • Undertake market and competitor analysis
  • Write blogs
  • Work on redesigning the website……..To be launched June 2019
  • Look into new markets and sectors…….Trapeze Temps will soon be happening
  • Undertake a cost analysis, with a view to save money resulting in great profits
  • Spring clean the office
  • And most importantly……relax a bit by enjoying a quieter inbox and the reduced demands of the business for a few days!!!

Be assured we will not relax too much or for too long as we need to make lots more things happen moving forward, as a continual pipeline is paramount in perm recruitment. However, it is a nice feeling to know you have done everything needed not to panic when external influences (nothing to do with you) adversely impact your business.

Have a wonderful Easter, enjoy the 4-day weekend. I certainly plan to this year.

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