Tony Line from Kent Recruitment Bureau was extremely influential in the launch of my business. He setup his recruitment business specialising in Accountancy in 2012 and provided me with so much guidance, help and support when deciding to go on my own leaving the corporate world of recruitment. I am and always will be truly grateful to him and it is so great to work with other recruiters instead of against them.

Since he launched his business, he has invested significantly in his website along with numerous other tools and Trapeze has been lucky enough to benefit from this investment. In recent months due to continued further development of his website, Trapeze has been able to post branded job vacancies on his site. To start with, I really didn’t think this site was going to generate a response especially given the fact that KRB specialises in Accountancy recruitment, but…… word whatever his developer has done is pretty impressive. In the last 2 months 14% of the candidates we have placed have applied through this website. This percentage compares to candidates placed that have been attracted from the UK market leading job boards.

Tony and I met the other day to discuss both our business’s strategy regarding Google jobs………….which is work in progress. At the end of the meeting we concluded once again that although we are small businesses we can adapt, change and invest very quickly to ensure we have a competitive edge and have everything we need to fulfil our clients and candidates’ requirements. We are probably able to do this a lot quicker than our larger competitors that have layers of bureaucracy to overcome. Changes in small businesses affect very few people. Changes in large businesses affect many people and investing in 1 or 2 additional tools for a small business is a drop in the ocean in comparison to investing in these tools for a network of branches with 10’s of 100’s of consultants.

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