Why Trapeze?

Not why choose Trapeze, but why Trapeze?

Many have asked – Why the name Trapeze?… so let me tell you the story of why:

Many hours were spent researching every word somewhat related to recruitment, but in an extremely competitive industry so many words/names were taken or just did not feel right.

Unfortunately, I do not possess the artistic ability that both my father and brother possess, but I am fortunate to own a number of my father’s pictures. It must have been subconscious really – after spending a day writing down so many company names and connotations but just getting nowhere, I gave up and went to bed, passing by a picture my father had painted of a Trapeze Artist.

In the morning, a bit of a light bulb moment – Trapeze would work!

So Trapeze is derived from a picture my father gave me. This picture was about the risks people face in all aspects of life, which was very relevant really, given his daughter was about to take probably the biggest risk in her life.