Nearly 3 years into launching Trapeze we have had our best week to date. I know this, not because I think or feel it, but because I have recorded every interview, every placement and every job we have worked on since I launched the business.

So, this week we have successfully filled 8 positions. This was not from a volume campaign with one client but 8 different positions. Obviously, these placements do come with financial reward and the unexpected volume is great considering the current and potentially continued politically and economic uncertainty. It is also the greatest feeling to change people’s lives providing them with the most positive news. 2 of these placements were for junior positions with a fantastic global organisation. Both candidates offered are teenagers starting their careers within their desired field. They are both ecstatic, shocked and excited about what their working future now holds. 8 placements may not seem a lot in comparison to the large corporates but it is to a small growing business with 2 employees.

We have really strong relationships with all our clients but understandably do not work exclusively with them all. Only one of the positions filled this week was with a client that we work exclusively with. Competition is extremely healthy and truly does drive the right behaviours to succeed.

One of the reasons why I left the corporate world of recruitment was my frustrations with the endless sales targets I had to ensure the consultants of the business met on a daily and weekly basis. Whilst we have to sell as consultants and convert new clients continually, we cannot forget about actually filling the jobs we are working on and attracting the right talent for our clients.

I place minimum pressure on myself and Emma to meet any sales targets, (calls, visits, drops, intro emails, specs) we just do it as part of our working day……but I do put pressure on to make sure when we have a new job to work on, we drop everything to make sure we submit a suitable shortlist of candidates as soon as possible. I would hate for Emma to feel restricted to work on a new job due to the priority of completing her sales targets and meet her daily KPIs, of which she has none.

We work so hard to convert new clients. There is endless activity and relationship building taking place to ensure that our client base increases. But what is the point in this activity if we get a job on with a client (new or current) and we have not got the time to work on it or we feel that eyes are on us when we are conducting a 2-hour search to find the right candidate.  I once worked for a very large agency and their main objective was new client conversion. They did not have a great year as they forgot about their current clients which other agencies were very pleased to take away from them!!!!!

Here’s to another great week next week!

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