After two and a half years of working on my own, working really hard and very careful cash flow planning, I made a massive decision to grow and expand my business and employ my first consultant. Employing one person may not seem a big deal but for a small business whereby I am the only share holder and investor, this was a huge decision. I hate the phrase but “having another mouth to feed” was a big responsibility for me.

Emma Hopkins joined me in November 2018. I have known Emma for many years as a client initially and then more recently as a friend. Whilst she was enjoying some well-deserved time off during the summer, she popped round mine for coffee and we got talking about where my business was, where I wanted to take it and also how lonely I was starting to feel working on my own. After a few more conversations, some more coffee and on occasions a glass of wine, we decided it would be great to give it a go and work together.

Since taking that decision, I have not looked back!! Emma is doing so well and her HR background is absolutely ideal, not just from a recruitment perspective but from her ability to show empathy as a recruiter to candidates and clients. Her approach is what I want the Trapeze brand to be all about. She has already successfully placed 12 candidates in new positions and converted many new clients, reducing the company’s overall exposure.  January and February have been the best months the company has had, witnessing over 100% sales growth on the previous months last year. She is also putting me to shame regarding her outstanding communication skills, which is so needed in the recruitment industry and her tenacity to find talent.

It was a massive decision to make but due to careful selection, total transparency, a lot of forecasting and budget analysis it was the best decision. Henry Ford was so right;

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

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