Let’s be honest; job interviews can be really nerve racking. You have spent time researching the company, the job role and preparing yourself for every question possible. All you have to do now is get the job; easier said than done, we know!

We are here to help, so here are our top job interview tips for 2019:

  • Try to gain as much information as possible about what to expect at interview. This will ensure you are prepared. There is nothing worse than being interviewed by a number of people when you were only expecting one.
  • Research the company. They would be very disappointed if you have not, given how easy it is to obtain information with today’s technology.
  • Research the interviewer – LinkedIn is a good starting point.
  • Be confident. Your CV, skills and experience have got you through the door, so remember this!
  • Be punctual, but not too early. If you are really early, do not go in until about 15 minutes before the interview time.
  • Plan your route or even do the journey prior to the actual interview.
  • Give a firm handshake.
  • Be smart and comfortable. Your opinion of smart may be different from someone else’s, so gain advice on what you plan to wear.
  • Ensure your clothing is appropriate for the time of year and temperature. If you have a long journey and the weather is really warm, take a change of top/shirt. If you feel uncomfortable at the interview, this will have a negative impact on your confidence.
  • Ensure your aftershave/perfume is not overpowering. You do not want this to be the only thing they remember about you!
  • If you obtained the interview via a recruitment agency, get as much information from them as you can. It is in a consultant’s best interest to provide you with as much information as possible, even down to the personality of the interviewer. They should know a lot about the company they are recruiting for.
  • Be polite to everyone you meet; the receptionist may have a say in the recruitment decision.
  • Make natural eye contact.
  • Ensure you have allowed plenty of time for the interview and do not have other appointments that maybe on your mind during interview. Also, make sure where applicable you have put enough money in the parking meter. It may sound silly, but this will play on your mind during the interview.
  • Have questions prepared. These can be very generic, but it highlights that you are interested in the company and position.
  • Take your time, and listen to the questions being asked.
  • Ensure your posture and body language represents your interest and openness. Leaning back on a chair with folded arms will give the wrong impression.
  • Do not be over confident, but an interview is a two-way thing. The company, position and their values have got to be right for you, so find out about this. A good question to ask could be what the department/company’s current length of service is. If the interviewer does not know, they should and if it is very low, you could form an opinion of this.
  • If the interviewer does not give closure to the interview, make sure you say, “It has been great meeting with you. When should I expect feedback?”
  • If you feel it is appropriate, given the flow of the interview after the interview, send the interviewer an email or LinkedIn message, thanking them again for their time and providing your positive feedback if applicable!

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